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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

United Medical Center Provides Electronic Patient Records System

System Provides Caregivers with More Time to Treat Patients

August 6, 2014 – Washington, D.C. – Patients at United Medical Center can now be confident that their medical records are more secure due to the hospital utilizing Meditech, an electronic health records management system. The Meditech system captures real-time patient information and makes it available to physicians, nurses, and… Read More
Wednesday, May 7, 2014

United Medical Center Opens New Sleep Center

Sleep Disorders are a Major Health Disparity in the African American Community

Washington, D.C. (May 7, 2014) –– On May 1st, United Medical Center (UMC) opened a new Sleep Center to diagnose and treat individuals suffering from sleep disorders.  Most people are unaware that chronic sleep disorders along with cancer, obesity and other illnesses are one of the health disparities that plague… Read More
Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hospital Observes National Minority Health Month

Hospital Observes National Minority Health Month

April 14, 2014 – Washington, D.C. – April is National Minority Health Month and at United Medical Center (UMC), helping the community understand the importance of health is the top priority.  Although African Americans have made major strides in government and business, health disparities still remain a major concern for… Read More
Monday, October 14, 2013

Board of Directors Approve Strategic Vision Presented by Huron Healthcare

Plan Focuses on Strategic Partnership, Growth and Improved Community Access to Health Care

Washington DC - On Saturday, July 13, 2013, the Not-For-Profit Hospital Corporation, commonly known as United Medical Center’s (UMC), Board of Directors voted 9-1 to approve the recommended strategic vision for the hospital presented by Huron Healthcare. “The Board of Directors is pleased to be moving forward towards providing a… Read More
Monday, October 14, 2013

Not-For-Profit Hospital Corporation Announces New Corporate Secretary and Hospital Spokesperson

Natalie Williams Brings a Wealth of Experience in Organizational Management and Crisis Communications

(Washington DC)  Today, the Not-For-Profit Hospital Corporation, also commonly known as, United Medical Center is pleased to announce the hiring of Ms. Natalie Williams, a widely recognized expert and leader in public service management, as the Board of Directors’ new Corporate Secretary and Hospital Spokesperson.       “We are pleased to announce… Read More
Monday, October 7, 2013

UMC Employee Separated for Improper Conduct Involving Hospital Funds

Board of Directors Credits Ongoing Focus on Overtime and Swift Assessment by Huron Consulting Firm

(Washington DC) Today, the Board of Directors of the Not-For-Profit Hospital Corporation (NFPHC), also known as, United Medical Center (UMC) announces the inappropriate activity of a longtime employee involving hospital funds. A preliminary investigation suggests that the amount may be in the range of several hundred thousand dollars over several… Read More
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