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A deal for Howard University and its hospital's turnaround partner, Paladin Healthcare Capital, to take over the troubled United Medical Center could land in front of the D.C. Council as early as next month.That's what UMC's interim CEO David Smalltold me this week when we sat down to talk about… Read More
D.C.'s only hospital east of the Anacostia is now bringing medical care even closer to people who live in Wards 7 and 8.Wednesday, United Medical Center unveiled a new Mobile Health Clinic, one of two that will circulate among neighborhoods -- including public housing and senior complexes -- to serve… Read More
With United Medical Center's logo emblazoned across the side, a bus in the southeast Washington hospital's parking lot Wednesday was unveiled as D.C.'s newest strategy for reaching its neediest patients.Clamoring to show off the vehicle's features — it will offer two exam rooms, equipment for drawing blood and running labs… Read More
Mobile health clinics, like the one pictured above, will soon be seen throughout the District, helping those who are more often underserved receive quality health care. The new initiative has been led by United Medical Center and illustrates their continued commitment to the community. (Courtesy of United Medical Center)United Medical… Read More
United Medical Center will soon hold a distinction among health care consumers in the District: It will be the only hospital with all private patient rooms.The District-owned hospital will finish the transition to private rooms this month and begin additional renovations next month, even as negotiations take place for the planned sale of the… Read More
“Sleep is related to a lot of conditions,” Beyene said. “Obesity, hypertension and diabetes are affecting black people. Sixty-five percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Obesity is one of the things that cause sleep apnea. Eighteen million people have sleep apnea and 70 percent are undiagnosed.” Beyene said the… Read More
Health care observers agree a brand new hospital could finally fix United Medical Center. Too bad it will likely never happen.It’d be easy to dismiss the idea of building a new hospital east of the Anacostia River as a half-baked, last-ditch effort by the current mayor to save his job.… Read More
An interview with the interim Chief Executive Officer The Not-For-Profit Hospital Corporation, also known as United Medical Center, on Southern Avenue has endured more than its fair share of bad press due to poor health care delivery over the years. It has seen leadership turnover, ownership changes, several financial crises… Read More
The District may soon double down on its turnaround efforts at United Medical Center, the failing city-owned hospital in southeast D.C. Read More
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