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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Deshaun Williams and Garvin Terlonge Named United Medical Center Environmental Services' Employees of the Year

WASHINGTON, D.C. – United Medical Center (UMC), the Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation, announced today that Deshaun Williams and Garvin Terlonge were selected by the Environmental Services Department (EVS) as the 2017 Employees of the Year.

Deshaun Williams has been employed with the hospital for 10 years. She works on the 2nd floor of the Medical Office Building. She was selected for her consistent work practices, outgoing spirit and dedication to excellence, as exemplified by her volunteering to be point of contact while on duty over the weekends.

Garvin Terlonge has been employed with the hospital for almost 2 years. He works in the Radiology Department on a daily basis. He has taken a leadership role in training new hires and encouraging other employees to reach out to new hires as well to offer assistance and training. Both Deshaun and Garvin enjoy spending time with their families and time in the kitchen preparing meals.

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“We are very proud of the achievement of these employees and celebrate their commitment to excellence and to quality patient service at United Medical Center,” noted Board Chair LaRuby May. “Congratulations for being recognized by your peers and management for all that you do.”


About United Medical Center (UMC)
The Not-for-Profit Hospital Corporation, commonly known as United Medical Center or UMC, is a District of Columbia government hospital (not a private 501(c)(3) entity) serving Southeast DC and surrounding Maryland communities.

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